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ECONO bike and battery center

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Service and maintenance

Every bike needs regular maintenance and service

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Sporočite nam, kaj lahko storimo za vas in skupaj bomo našli pravo rešitev.

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We try to make the employees of our company feel good, as this is the one of the factors of the company's success.

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We carefully prepare content on innovations in the field of energy, batteries and emobility.

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We establish long-term partnerships with clients and together we shape the path of the future.

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General terms and conditions of the online store

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Our story

Econo was established as its new business unit in the second half of 2017 by Comtron d.o.o.

We are a team of passionate cyclicts and experts, enthusiastic about e-mobility, environmentally friendly transport and a healthy lifestyle. We develop and create products and services that offer users of bicycles and electric bicycles a complete solution. Our work combines clean transport, enjoyment of movement and strengthening health. This ensures environmentally and health-friendly mobility. We encourage the use of e-bikes as a means of transport and at the same time encourage active leasure time.

Reliable business partners

With careful selection of suppliers and partnerships, we ensure security of supply and appropriate quality of products and services.

Responsible for the environment and people

We encourage the use of e-bikes as a means of transport. We also pay special attention to the safety and health of people, where we consistently observe and respect legislation and standards.

We care about long-term development

The future of the company is based on the use of the most modern and environmentally friendly technologies and the professional development and education of employees.

Flexibility is in our favor

Our 30 years of experience in IT technology allow us to be fast and professional in the various requirements and needs of our customers.

Proizvodnja baterij econo
Proizvodnja baterij econo
Proizvodnja baterij econo

Development, design and production

Assembly of standard and customized lithium-ion batteries for the purposes of electric bicycles and other products. We responded to the new era of mobility by designing and assembling electric bicycles of various classes and categories.

Battery construction

 Battery monitoring systems (BMS)

Custom battery production 

 Development, prototyping

Battery certification 

Production plant of battery packs

Together we will find the right solution

We establish long-term partnerships with clients and together shape the path of the future.