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Overcome your trails with an electric bike

The future of transportation is not boring or slow, but fun and better in every way. E-bike cycling is a new approach in mobility, that allows you to have a creative perception of life with technology.

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With the Econo battery that helps power the electric bike, long distances become a breeze.


Forget waiting for buses or finding a parking space for your car and paying the parking fee.


Safety is ensured by components of recognized brands.

Healthy lifestyle

Reach your goal faster and with less effort, and secure time for yourself and your loved ones.


Life is not just a routine, I can perceive it creatively and live it actively and healthily.

Caring for the planet

Not only that are you faster, but you also take care of your planet by riding an e-bike.

Save money and choose an electric bike

How did we do the calculation?

We made an annual comparison of the fuel consumption and maintenance costs of a gasoline-powered car with an electric bicycle. The guiding thought of the comparison was for us route traveled/ day  with length 20km . In the costs we compared, we included depreciation, as the annual value of the vehicle/e-bike divided into a 5-year period, annual service and energy for the vehicle - fuel or for an electric bike - electricity.  

CAR (VALUE 20.000 €)

Depreciation 0,37 € * 7300 km =

2701 €

/annual cost

Električno kolo
E-BIKE (VALUE 1.500 €)

Depreciation 0,04 € * 7300 km =

304,2 €

/annual cost


Testing: E-bike Econo Apes 2D 2021

The Apes electric city bike makes your urban life much easier. It is designed so that you can cycle with it comfortably and safely. Cycling with it is playful and easy, so you will be able to overcome the paths to the set goals with it without much physical effort...


Testing: E-bike Econo MTB 2022

The Econo MTB is a durable bike intended for longer journeys through hills and valleys, paved roads, field paths and off-road, which at first glance does not differ significantly from other hardtail mountain e-bikes from other manufacturers. It features a modern design...

Technically perfect

The flawless operation of all components of the e-bike, i.e. motor, controller, screen and battery, is ensured by our experts in a way thatto test and test each component before installing it on the bike. Only such a special approach enables usperfect coordination of the operation of the entire e-bike system.

Econo baterija
Battery Econo Tube M 36V

Now it's your turn

Our bikes are designed in such a way that they can be easily assembled. This allows you to learn more about your bike model.

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