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Customized solutions for Lithium-ion batteries

If you need a battery that will meet the needs of your mobile devices, we offer you:

  • services and suggestions on how to design the right solution,

  • project design,

  • production of battery packs.

We are therefore a business partner who professionally helps you with the planning, installation and supply of battery packs. Battery packs that will be in accordance with your needs and requirements are manufactured in our production plant based in Slovenia

Baterijski paketi po meri

Services that we offer:

  • Li-Ion cell selection and analysis

  • Battery Management Solutions (BMS)

  • Nickel cutting

  • Honeycomb cell adaptation

  • Battery housing design from shrink film to robust plastic case

  • Selection of CAN / UART protocol

  • Connectors

  • Chargers

  • Certificates and standards IEC / UL 62133 and others

How is a custom li-ion battery made?

We provide the best solution for the right price

Svetovanje in koncept

Consulting and concept

At the first consultation, Econo lays the foundations for a long-term and constructive partnership. We present services and possibilities, according to your needs we develop a project plan in which all milestones from development to mass production are recorded.

The key foundation of any project is to understand your business and project goals. Establishing clear requirements and building close relationships will help achieve great results.

Design, prototyping and testing

Battery development begins after project approval. Detailed project management ensures timely implementation. Econo produces prototypes of your battery that are used for testing. The joint cooperation of our staff with you will offer you the most appropriate solution.

Early prototypes and short production processes enable fast product delivery and help solve potential integration problems.

Oblikovanje, Prototipi in preizkušanje
Certificiranje in proizvodnja

Certification and production

Thorough quality control and testing process ensure that your product meets your requirements in terms of quality and finance. We help you reach the global market with certified products that meet all the necessary standards.

After the successful completion of all tests and the acquisition of certificates, we begin serial production in our production plant.

Logistics and quality assurance

We guarantee fast and flexible delivery combined with your own transport and storage requirements.

They constantly monitor the entire product life cycle to ensure the manufacture and delivery of the highest quality products.

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