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Go further

With the Econo battery that powers the electric bike, long distances become a trifle.

Go faster

Reach the goal faster and with less effort, and provide time for yourself and loved ones.

Without complications

Forget about finding a parking space, paying a parking fee, or waiting for a bus.

I ride an electric bike

Not only am I faster but I also take care of my planet, I ride an e-bike.

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If you are in doubt whether your bike is suitable for electrical conversion, simply take a picture of it from the side and send us a photo and / or indicate the model of the bike.

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Econo baterija Tube M

Battery ECONO

Econo Li-ion batteries are an efficient and reliable source of energy. They are ergonomically designed and easy to handle.

Sredinski motor Econo

Sredinski motor

The center motor is mounted in the wheel crank. This maintains the center of gravity of the bike in the middle, which has a positive effect on the stability of the bike when riding.

Zaslon Econo

Steering wheel display

It is distinguished by its appropriate size and transparency. The screen is mounted on the handlebars. So keep your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road at all times.



Whether you have to go to work or on a cycling trip, the Econo upgrade brings back the joy of urban mobility.

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Sredinski motor ECONO TSDZ2

For everyday adventures

The conversion of the bike with our central auxiliary electric motor is the most optimal from the point of view of the center of gravity of the bike. The engine has a built-in torque sensor, which detects the power with which we press the pedals while cycling and proportionally calculates the power with which the engine helps us. In this way, we make the best use of the energy used and increase the range.

The engine assistance is in accordance with the selected assistance level on the display mounted on the handlebars and connected to the engine. We choose between 4 levels of assistance (Eco, Tour, Speed ​​and Turbo). Depending on the selected level of assistance, the engine helps us a minimum of 36 and a maximum of 300% depending on our own power input.

The engine is powered by a high-quality Econo li-ion battery, which is powerful, efficient and has a high energy density. It is ergonomically designed and easy to handle. The Econo battery management system (BMS) protects cells well from danger and ensures long battery life.

Sredinski motor nameščen za kolesu
Zadnji motor v pesti
Rear motor

Rear motor

With the motor on the rear wheel, you’ll feel like you have the wind in your back. In addition, it is easy to steer and the weight of the e-bike is lower. Because the engine is in the rear fist it is also invisible and the bike looks more sleek. Rear-wheel-drive e-bikes always have open gears with open chains.

What do we need to upgrade the bike?

The Econo kit for converting classic bikes into electric ones contains all the components needed for the upgrade. The powerful center motor completely replaces your drive bearing and also includes new cranks. Fasten the battery holder with screws to the holes for installing the water bottle holder. We place the LCD screen on the handlebars so that it is at our fingertips and in sight.

Sredinski motor Econo

There are different types of motors: central, rear or front engine.

Control unit
Control unit

The control units depend on the motor. They can be built into the motor or they are outside the motor.


Speed ​​sensor, which is mandatory. Equip the engine with a torque or speed sensor.

Econo baterija

Battery with battery holder

Polnilec Econo

Our batteries can only be charged with Econo chargers.

Zaslon Econo

The display is mounted on the handlebars. So keep your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road at all times.

Do you have a question or you want to get an offer?