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E-bike ECONO Apes CITY 28'' EER3 2022

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Apes 3 EER is the second generation of the urban bee, which will take you safely and easily along your routes to work and shopping. Equipped with rear engine and mechanical disc brakes.

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Slovenian manufacturer of battery packs, electric bicycles and other components.


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About product

Apes EER 3 is a second-generation urban bee that will take you safely and easily along your routes to work and shopping. The bicycle is an appropriate means of transport, which does not pollute the environment and has positive effects on your health, due to traffic congestion in urban centres and the lack of parking. It has everything you need to drive safely and comfortably. The "Easy-Entry" frame provides balanced geometry and a lowered centre of gravity for easier and calming driving sense and excellent handling at low speeds. Version 3 is equipped with rear hub engine and mechanical disc brakes.

Propulsion and energy

The econo centre electric motor operates on the torque sensor principle, which means that the engine detects the power with which you press the pedals and helps you with proportionally the same power according to the selected level of assistance. Excellent operation both on the plane and in the hilly terrain thanks to 80 Nm torque. The bike is equipped with an Econo battery, which is the result of our development and is produced in our center. It's easy to manoeuvre with battery. You can choose your own battery capacity. 


The Apes EER 3 wheel is equipped with TEKTRO mechanical disc brakes that allow safe and rapid braking and stopping. They withstand great forces and operate in every weather the same way. Be visible and increase your safety and wheel time with the front and back led lights.


The bike is equipped with a handlebar bracket adjustable for height and inclination, so that you can adjust to your needs and feel as good as possible on the bike. It has mudguards that protect you from water and dirt in bad weather. They keep us  clean no matter what the terrain. You will be able to install luggage and daily purchases on the trunk. The bike also has a strong bike stand.  

Pictures and video


Detachable integrated battery

Enabled easy removal and installation of the battery in the frame without tools.

Econo dolphin 36V

Doplhin 36V allows you to enjoy long rides. The range with a battery capacity of 630Wh is up to 120km.

ECONO 2A charger

Charger 100% nachare econo dolphin 630Wh batteries in about 8.8h. 50% p about 4:20 a.m.

Aluminium Lite

Aluminium alloy 6061 is resistant to corrosion and load and is suitable for lightweight tubes with high rigidity. 

Advanced hydroforming

This method of production reduces the number of welds, reduces the mass of the frame and increases its durability.

Comfortable Geometry

With a special frame, you can comfortably travel longer distances.

Quick Release Axle

QR Axle for faster removal and fixing of wheels.


Be visible and increase your safety with front and back led lights.

Size Table

The rightly selected bike size is key to your safety and comfort. We choose the appropriate size based on our height. The same is true in children, where their body height is more important than the age of the child when choosing a bicycle size.

Body height (cm)Size


FrameALU 6061
Spring, 88 mm
Rear shock -
Wheel size 28 ''
Number of gears8 Gears
Front gear lever-
Rear gear lever
Shimano Altus M-310
Front derailleur
Rear derailleur
Shimano Altus M-310
Lasco 38t, 170 mm
Front brake
Rear brake
Front brake disc
160 mm
Rear brake disc
160 mm
28 x 2.0
Aluminium two-walled
Front hub
Rear hub
Rear sprockets
Shimano Acshg 8 Speed
Zoom 620 mm
ZOOM 110 mm, adjustable
Seat post
Zoom 350 mm
Front light
Shengyi DGWH2C, 250W, 36V, 40 Nm 
Econo dolphin
Load capacity
130 kg
Up to 75 miles

Package included

  • 1x Electric bike ECONO Apes CITY 28'' EER3 2022

  • 1x Econo Dolphin Battery

  • 1x Econo Charger 3 Pin 2A

Specifications for E-bike ECONO Apes CITY 28'' EER3 2022

Colour Light grey, Dark grey
Gender Unisex
Size M, L
Number of gears 8 speed
Sitting position Upright
Wheel size 28”/700
Brake type Mechanical discs
Suspension Front suspension fork
Battery 378Wh (10,5Ah), 504Wh (14Ah), 630Wh (17,5Ah)
Battery type Integrated battery
Battery range up to 140 km
Engine layout Back
Engine Shengyi
Display LCD display

What is the cost of delivery and what is the delivery time?

The cost of the delivery depends on the total value of the orde. For purchases over 100€ for delivery in Slovenia the postage is freein other cases it is 3,9 €

We deliver goods across Slovenia with package delivery from Posta Slovenia.  Goods from stock will be shipped the same day, if we get the paymant till 10.00 o'clock. So the order will be delivered to your address within 1-2 working days from the payment of the order on.

We also deviver to countries:

Croatia, Italy, Austria, Hungary and Poland.


Can I pick up the order in person?

After payment and confirmation mail or call, you can pick up the goods at the company's branch office on Tržaška cesta 23 in Maribor, in this case you do not pay postage, and at the same time we allow you to contact our experts. Own collection at the ECONO headquarters or branch is possible every working day during working hours.

What payment methods do you offer?


If you want to pay in advance, you can do it by paying by proforma invoice or prepaying by credit card or PayPal. Cash on delivery is also available.

As an additional option we offer you leasing through "Summit leasing". You can receive more detailed information regarding the possibility of installment business with the DINERS card and concluding a leasing contract with Summit leasing by e-mail.

Payment on installments


In the ECONO Cycling center (Tržaška cesta 23, 2000 Maribor) we enable payment in installments through the Leanpay provider.

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